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Publié le 23 janvier 2019
Kaeffer N, Windle CD, Brisse R, Gablin C, Leonard D, Jousselme B, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Artero V
Insights into the mechanism and aging of a noble-metal free H2-evolving dye-sensitized photocathode.
Chemical Science, 2018, 9(32): 6721-38

Schindler J, Traber P, Zedler L, Zhang Y, Lefebvre JF, Kupfer S, Gräfe S, Demeunynck M, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Dietzek B
Photophysics of a ruthenium complex with a
π-extended dipyridophenazine ligand for DNA quadruplex labeling.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2018, 122(32): 6558-6569

Schindler J, Zhang Y, Traber P, Lefebvre JF, Kupfer S, Demeunynck M, Grafe S, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Dietzek B
ππ* state enables photoaccumulation of charges on a π-extended dipyridophenazine ligand in a Ru(II) polypyridine complex.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, 122(1): 83-95

Windle CD, Massin J, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Artero V
A protocol for quantifying hydrogen evolution by dye-sensitized molecular photocathodes and its implementation for evaluating a new covalent architecture based on an optimized dye-catalyst dyad.
Dalton Transactions, 2018, 47(31): 10509-10516

Queyriaux N, Wahyuono RA, Fize J, Gablin C, Wachtler M, Martinez E, Leonard D, Dietzek B, Artero V and Chavarot-Kerlidou M
Aqueous photocurrent measurements correlated to ultrafast electron transfer dynamics at ruthenium tris diimine sensitized NiO photocathodes.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017, 121(11): 5891-5904

Saadallah D, Bellakhal M, Amor S, Lefebvre JF, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Baussanne I, Moucheron C, Demeunynck M and Monchaud D
Selective luminescent labeling of DNA and RNA quadruplexes by
π-extended ruthenium light-up probes.
Chemistry, 2017, 23(21):4967-4972

Kaeffer N, Massin J, Lebrun C, Renault O, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Artero V
Covalent design for dye-sensitized H2-evolving photocathodes based on a cobalt diimine-dioxime catalyst.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016, 138(38): 12308-12311

Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Chenevier P and Artero V
Chapter 9: Bio-Organometallic systems for the hydrogen economy: Engineering of electrode materials and light-driven devices In Bioorganometallic Chemistry: Applications in Drug Discovery, Biocatalysis, and Imaging, Edited by Jaouen G and Salmain M, Wiley, 2015, pp 273-304
Kaeffer N, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Artero V
Hydrogen evolution catalyzed by cobalt diimine-dioxime complexes.
Accounts of Chemical Research, 2015, 48(5): 1286-95

Lefebvre JF, Saadallah D, Traber P, Kupfer S, Graaefe S, Dietzek B, Baussanne I, De Winter J, Gerbaux P, Moucheron C, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Demeunynck M
Synthesis of three series of ruthenium tris-diimine complexes containing acridine-based pi-extended ligands using an efficient "chemistry on the complex" approach.
Dalton Transactions, 2016, 45(41): 16298-16308

Queyriaux N, Jane RT, Massin J, Artero V and Chavarot-Kerlidou M
Recent developments in hydrogen evolving molecular cobalt(II)–polypyridyl catalysts.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2015, 304-305: 3-19

Massin J, Bräutigam M, Kaeffer N, Queyriaux N, Field MJ, Schacher FH, Popp J, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Dietzek B and Artero V
Dye-sensitized PS-b-P2VP-templated nickel oxide films for photoelectrochemical applications.
Interface Focus, 2015, 5(3): 1-10

Smolentsev G, Cecconi B, Guda A, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, van Bokhoven JA, Nachtegaal M and Artero V
Microsecond X-ray absorption spectroscopy identification of Co(I) intermediates in Cobaloxime-catalyzed hydrogen evolution.
Chemistry, 2015, 21(43): 15158-15162

Bhattacharjee A, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Dempsey JL, Gray HB, Fujita E, Muckerman JT, Fontecave M, Artero V, Arantes GM and Field MJ
Theoretical modeling of low-energy electronic absorption bands in reduced cobaloximes.
Chemphyschem, 2014, 15(14): 2951-2958

Smolentsev G, Guda AA, Janousch M, Frieh C, Jud G, Zamponi F, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Artero V, van Bokhoven JA and Nachtegaal M
X-ray absorption spectroscopy with time-tagged photon counting: Application to study the structure of a Co(i) intermediate of H
2 evolving photo-catalyst.
Faraday Discussions, 2014, 171: 259-273

Andreiadis ES, Jacques PA, Tran PD, Leyris A, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Jousselme B, Matheron M, Pécaut J, Palacin S, Fontecave M and Artero V
Molecular engineering of a Cobalt-based electrocatalytic nano-material for H
2 evolution under fully aqueous conditions.
Nature Chemistry, 2013, 5(1): 48-53

Hamd W, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Fize J, Muller G, Leyris A, Matheron M, Courtin E, Fontecave M, Sanchez C, Artero V and Laberty-Robert C
Dye-sensitized nanostructured crystalline mesoporous tin-doped indium oxide films with tunable thickness for photoelectrochemical applications.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2013, 1(28): 8217-8225

Smolentsev G, Guda A, Zhang X, Haldrup K, Andreiadis ES, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Canton SE, Nachtegaal M, Artero V and Sundstrom V
Pump-Flow-Probe X-ray absorption spectroscopy as a tool for studying intermediate states of photocatalytic systems.
Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2013, 117(34): 17367-17375

Bhattacharjee A, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Andreiadis ES, Fontecave M, Field MJ and Artero V
Combined experimental-theoretical characterization of the hydrido-cobaloxime [HCo(dmgH)
Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 51(13): 7087-7093

Zhang P, Jacques PA, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Wang M, Sun L, Fontecave M and Artero V
Phosphine coordination to a cobalt diimine-dioxime catalyst increases stability during light-driven H
2 production.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 51(4): 2115-2120

Andreiadis ES, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Fontecave M and Artero V
Artificial photosynthesis: From molecular catalysts for light-driven water splitting to photoelectrochemical cells.
Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2011, 87(5): 946–964

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Artero V, Chavarot-Kerlidou M and Fontecave M
Splitting water with cobalt.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2011, 50(32): 7238-7266

Fihri A, Artero V, Pereira A and Fontecave M
Efficient H
2-producing photocatalytic systems based on cyclometalated iridium- and tricarbonylrhenium-diimine photosensitizers and cobaloxime catalysts.
Dalton Transactions, 2008, (41): 5567-5569

Fihri A, Artero V, Razavet M, Baffert C, Leibl W and Fontecave M
Cobaloxime-based photocatalytic devices for hydrogen production.
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