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Post-doctoral subject

Molecular based photoelectrocatalytic systems for dinitrogen reduction

Funded post-doctoral internship.
Published on 26 February 2020
The research consortium on Solar Nitrogen Fixation, formed by the groups of V. Artero (CEA Grenoble, France), C. Bostedt and M. Chergui (EPF Lausanne, Switzerland), V. Krewald (TU Darmstadt, Germany) and S. Schneider (University of Göttingen, Germany) is inviting applications for two PhD and two postdoctoral positions.
The aim of the consortium is to evaluate strategies for the development of molecular catalytic systems that use solar energy to convert nitrogen into ammonia, based on a mechanistic analysis of state-of-the-art N2 photoactivation complexes. Several approaches will be examined to design platforms that facilitate photodriven N2 splitting and proton coupled electron transfer for N–H bond formation, which define the thermochemical bottlenecks of nitrogen fixation. The successful candidates will work in close collaborative exchange between the involved groups with expertise in synthetic inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, ultrafast spectroscopy and computational chemistry.
Each position has individual criteria and requirements. Please note that the administrative details, starting dates and application deadlines are specific to each position.

Description and requirements for a Post-doc position in V. Artero's group
We are looking for highly motivated candidates interested in the development of molecular based photoelectrocatalytic systems for dinitrogen reduction. The successful candidate will be in charge of a) the synthesis of transition metal complexes of the group 6-7 metals bearing functionalized pincer ligands, b) their assembly with selected photosensitizers, c) the evaluation of the potential of the obtained assemblies for driving direct nitrogen fixation through photoinduced proton coupled electron transfer processes. We are looking for candidates with a PhD in inorganic chemistry with good experience in organic synthesis and coordination/organometallic chemistry (synthesis under inert atmosphere, characterization of metal complexes, reactivity studies). A practical experience in electrochemical techniques applied to molecular systems will be an asset, and knowledge in basic molecular photochemistry and or photocatalysis will be advantageous. The successful candidate will be part of an international research program and is expected to be fluent in English. Short-term stay in the partners’ labs may be offered during the course of the project.

Administrative details
The postdoctoral positon is based in the group of Dr. Artero in the Laboratoire de Chimie et Biologie des Métaux (UMR 5249 Univ. Grenoble Alpes – CNRS – CEA), at the CEA Grenoble, France (; We offer a 1(+1) year(s) fixed termed post-doctoral CEA contract. The applicant should not be older than 30 and hold her/his PhD for less than 2 years at the starting date. Wages and salaries are according to the collective agreements on salary scales, which apply to CEA.
Interested candidates should submit CV, motivation letter and the contact of two referees to Dr Matthieu Koepf by e-mail quoting the reference SolarN2.

Available from: 01.10.2020
Application deadline: 01.07.2020

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