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Laboratory publications in 2014

Published on 15 January 2019

Alfaidy N, Hoffmann P, Boufettal H, Samouh N, Aboussaouira T, Benharouga M, Feige JJ and Brouillet S
The multiple roles of EG-VEGF/PROK1 in normal and pathological placental angiogenesis.
BioMed Research International, 2014, 2014: 451906

Artero V and Saveant JM
Toward the rational benchmarking of homogeneous H
2-evolving catalysts.
Energy & Environmental Science, 2014, 7: 3808-3814

Arumugam K, Crouzy S, Chevigne A, Seguin-Devaux C and Schmit JC
Structure prediction of GPCRs using piecewise homologs and application to the human CCR5 chemokine receptor: Validation through agonist and antagonist docking.
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2014, 32(8): 1274-1289

Aussel L, Loiseau L, Hajj Chehade M, Pocachard B, Fontecave M, Pierrel F and Barras F
ubiJ, a new gene required for aerobic growth and proliferation in macrophage, is involved in coenzyme Q biosynthesis in Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium.
Journal of Bacteriology, 2014, 196(1): 70-79

Aussel L, Pierrel F, Loiseau L, Lombard M, Fontecave M and Barras F
Biosynthesis and physiology of coenzyme Q in bacteria.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics, 2014, 1837(7): 1004-1011

Bacchi M, Berggren G, Niklas J, Veinberg E, Mara MW, Shelby ML, Poluektov OG, Chen LX, Tiede DM, Cavazza C, Field MJ, Fontecave M and Artero V
Cobaloxime-based artificial hydrogenases.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53(15): 8071-8082

Beaume L, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Greco C, Petillon FY, Schollhammer P and Talarmin J
New systematic route to mixed-valence triiron clusters derived from dinuclear models of the active site of Fe-Fe -hydrogenases.
Organometallics, 2014, 33(22): 6290-6293

Berggren G, Duraffourg N, Sahlin M and Sjoberg BM
Semiquinone-induced maturation of Bacillus anthracis ribonucleotide reductase by a superoxide intermediate.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2014, 289(46): 31940-31949

Berggren G, Garcia-Serres R, Brazzolotto X, Clemancey M, Gambarelli S, Atta M, Latour JM, Hernandez HL, Subramanian S, Johnson MK and Fontecave M
An EPR/HYSCORE, Mossbauer, and resonance Raman study of the hydrogenase maturation enzyme HydF: A model for N-coordination to [4Fe-4S] clusters.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 19(1): 75-84

Bhattacharjee A, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Dempsey JL, Gray HB, Fujita E, Muckerman JT, Fontecave M, Artero V, Arantes GM and Field MJ
Theoretical modeling of low-energy electronic absorption bands in reduced cobaloximes.
Chemphyschem, 2014, 15(14): 2951-2958

Bhattacharjee A, Weiss AK, Artero V, Field MJ and Hofer TS
Electronic structure and hydration of tetramine cobalt hydride complexes.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014, 118(20): 5551-5561

Blanc B, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Fontecave M and Ollagnier de Choudens S
Molecular investigation of Iron-Sulfur cluster assembly scaffolds under stress.
Biochemistry, 2014, 53(50): 7867-77869

Bonnot F, Tremey E, von Stetten D, Rat S, Duval S, Carpentier P, Clémancey M, Desbois A and Nivière V
Formation of high-valent iron-oxo species in superoxide reductase: Characterization by resonance Raman spectroscopy.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014, 53(23): 5926-5930

Bouchard S, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Bruschi M, Charreteur K, De Gioia L, Le Roy C, Petillon FY, Schollhammer P and Talarmin J
A new FeMo complex as a model of heterobimetallic assemblies in natural systems: Mossbauer and density functional theory investigations.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53(21): 11345-11347

Bouron A and Lorrain E
Effets cellulaires et moléculaires de l’hyperforine, un antidépresseur végétal : revue de la littérature.
L’Encéphale, 2014, 40: 108-113

Bouron A and Oberwinkler J
Contribution of calcium-conducting channels to the transport of zinc ions.
Pflugers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology, 2014, 466(3): 381-387

Bouvier D, Labessan N, Clemancey M, Latour JM, Ravanat JL, Fontecave M and Atta M
TtcA a new tRNA-thioltransferase with an Fe-S cluster.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2014, 42(12): 7960-7970

Brazzolotto X, Pierrel F and Pelosi L
Three conserved histidyl residues contribute to mitochondrial iron transport through mitoferrins.
Biochemical Journal, 2014, 460(1): 79-89

Brun E, Barreau F, Veronesi G, Fayard B, Sorieul S, Chaneac C, Carapito C, Rabilloud T, Mabondzo A, Herlin-Boime N and Carriere M
Titanium dioxide nanoparticle impact and translocation through ex vivo, in vivo and in vitro gut epithelia.
Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 2014, 11: 13

Caux-Thang C, Parent A, Sethu R, Maïga A, Blondin G, Latour JM and Duarte V
Single asparagine to arginine mutation allows PerR to switch from PerR Box to Fur Box.
ACS Chemical Biology, 2014

Chemerys A, Pelletier E, Cruaud C, Martin F, Violet F and Jouanneau Y
Characterization of novel polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon dioxygenases from the bacterial metagenomic DNA of a contaminated soil.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2014, 80(21): 6591-600

Cherrier MV, Chan A, Darnault C, Reichmann D, Amara P, Ollagnier de Choudens S and Fontecilla-Camps JC
The crystal structure of Fe
4S4 Quinolinate synthase unravels an enzymatic dehydration mechanism that uses Tyrosine and a hydrolase-type triad.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136(14): 5253-5256

Chevallet M, Jarvis L, Harel H, Luche S, Degot S, Chapuis V, Boulay G, Rabilloud T and Bouron A
Functional consequences of the over-expression of TRPC6 channels in HEK cells. Impact on the homeostasis of zinc.
Metallomics, 6: 1269-1276

Cisse C, Mathieu SV, Abeih MB, Flanagan L, Vitale S, Catty P, Boturyn D, Michaud-Soret I and Crouzy S
Inhibition of the ferric uptake regulator by peptides derived from anti-FUR peptide aptamers: Coupled theoretical and experimental approaches.
ACS Chemical Biology, 2014, 9(12): 2779-278

Clémancey M, Blondin G, Latour JM and Garcia-Serres R
Mössbauer spectroscopy.
Methods in Molecular Biology, 2014, 1122: 153-170

Company A, Sabenya G, Gonzalez-Bejar M, Gomez L, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Jasniewski AJ, Puri M, Browne WR, Latour JM, Que L, Jr., Costas M, Perez-Prieto J and Lloret-Fillol J
Triggering the generation of an iron
IV-Oxo compound and its reactivity toward sulfides by RuII photocatalysis.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136(12): 4624-4633

Cuillel M, Chevallet M, Charbonnier P, Fauquant C, Pignot-Paintrand I, Arnaud J, Cassio D, Michaud-Soret I and Mintz E
Interference of CuO nanoparticles with metal homeostasis in hepatocytes under sub-toxic conditions.
Nanoscale, 2014, 6(3): 1707-1715

Doimo M, Trevisson E, Airik R, Bergdoll M, Santos-Ocaña C, Hildebrandt F, Navas P, Pierrel F and Salviati L
Effect of vanillic acid on COQ6 mutants identified in patients with coenzyme Q10 deficiency.
Biochimica and Biophysica Acta, 2014, 1842(1): 1-6

Dunand C, Hoffmann P, Sapin V, Blanchon L, Salomon A, Sergent F, Benharouga M, Sabra S, Guibourdenche J, Lye SJ, Feige JJ and Alfaidy N
Endocrine gland-derived endothelial growth factor (EG-VEGF) is a potential novel regulator of human parturition.
Biology of Reproduction, 2014, 91(3): 73

Elgrishi N, Chambers MB, Artero V and Fontecave M
Terpyridine complexes of first row transition metals and electrochemical reduction of CO
2 to CO.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014, 16(27): 13635-13644

Esmieu C, Orio M, Torelli S, Le Pape L, Pécaut J, Lebrun C and Ménage S
2O reduction at a dissymmetric {Cu2S}-containing mixed-valent center.
Chemical Science, 2014, 5: 4774-4784

Estellon J, Ollagnier de Choudens S, Smadja M, Fontecave M and Vandenbrouck Y
An integrative computational model for large-scale identification of metalloproteins in microbial genomes: A focus on iron-sulfur cluster proteins.
Metallomics, 2014, 6(10): 1913-1930

Ferecatu I, Goncalves S, Golinelli-Cohen MP, Clémancey M, Martelli A, Riquier S, Guittet E, Latour JM, Puccio H, Drapier JC, Lescop E and Bouton C
The diabetes drug target MitoNEET governs a novel trafficking pathway to rebuild an Fe-S cluster into cytosolic aconitase/iron regulatory protein 1.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2014, 289(41): 28070-28086

Gateau C, Mintz E and Delangle P
Rational design of copper and iron chelators to treat Wilson’s Disease and hemochromatosis. In Ligand design in medicinal inorganic chemistry. Edited by Tim Storr. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, 2014, Chap. 11, pp 287-319

Goure E, Avenier F, Dubourdeaux P, Seneque O, Albrieux F, Lebrun C, Clemancey M, Maldivi P and Latour JM
A diiron(III,IV) imido species very active in nitrene-transfer reactions.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014, 53(6): 1580-1584

Goure E, Carboni M, Dubourdeaux P, Clémancey M, Balasubramanian R, Lebrun C, Bayle PA, Maldivi P, Blondin G and Latour JM
Cis/Trans isomerizations in Diiron complexes involving aniline or anilide ligands.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53(19): 10060-10069

Holloway AC, Salomon A, Soares MJ, Garnier V, Raha S, Sergent F, Nicholson CJ, Feige JJ, Benharouga M and Alfaidy N
Characterization of the adverse effects of nicotine on placental development: In vivo and in vitro studies.
American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2014, 306(4): E443-456

Hong S, Lee YM, Cho KB, Seo MS, Song D, Yoon J, Garcia-Serres R, Clemancey M, Ogura T, Shin W, Latour JM and Nam W
Conversion of high-spin iron
III-alkylperoxo to ironIV-oxo species via O-O bond homolysis in nonheme iron models.
Chemical Science, 2014, 5(1): 156-162

Hong S, Wang B, Seo MS, Lee YM, Kim MJ, Kim HR, Ogura T, Garcia-Serres R, Clemancey M, Latour JM and Nam W
Highly reactive nonheme iron(III) iodosylarene complexes in alkane hydroxylation and sulfoxidation reactions.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2014, 53(25): 6388-6392

Jacques A, Latour JM and Sénèque O
Peptide-based FeS
4 complexes: The zinc ribbon fold is unsurpassed to stabilize both the FeII and FeIII states.
Dalton Transactions, 2014, 43(10): 3922-3930

Lebrette H, Brochier-Armanet C, Zambelli B, de Reuse H, Borezee-Durant E, Ciurli S and Cavazza C
Promiscuous nickel import in human pathogens: Structure, thermodynamics, and evolution of extracytoplasmic nickel-binding proteins.
Structure, 2014, 22(10): 1421-1432

Lebrun V, Tron A, Scarpantonio L, Lebrun C, Ravanat JL, Latour JM, McClenaghan ND and Sénèque O
Efficient oxidation and destabilization of Zn(Cys)4 zinc fingers by singlet oxygen.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2014, 53(35): 9365-9368

Magnin JP, Gondrexon N and Willison JC
Zinc biosorption by the purple non-sulfur bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus.
Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 2014, 60(12): 829-837

Ménage S and Attree I
Metabolism: Pathogens love the poison.
Nature Chemical Biology, 2014, 10(5): 326-327

Moulis JM, Bourguignon J and Catty P
Cadmium In Binding, Transport and Storage of Metal Ions in Biological Cells, Edited by Maret M and Wedd A, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014, Chap. 23, pp 695-746

Nicolaes V, El Hajjaji H, Davis RM, Van der Henst C, Depuydt M, Leverrier P, Aertsen A, Haufroid V, Ollagnier de Choudens S, De Bolle X, Ruiz N and Collet JF
Insights into the function of YciM, a heat shock membrane protein required to maintain envelope integrity in Escherichia coli.
Journal of Bacteriology, 2014, 196(2): 300-309

Nobre LS, Garcia-Serres R, Todorovic S, Hildebrandt P, Teixeira M, Latour JM and Saraiva LM
Escherichia coli ric is able to donate iron to iron-sulfur clusters.
PLoS One, 2014, 9(4): e95222

Planas O, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Company A and Costas M
Structural modeling of iron halogenases: Synthesis and reactivity of halide-iron(IV)-oxo compounds.
Chemical Communications (Camb), 2014, 50(74): 10887-10890

Rabilloud T
How to use 2D gel electrophoresis in plant proteomics.
Methods of Molecular Biology, 2014, 1072: 43-50

Rabilloud T
Paleoproteomics explained to youngsters: How did the wedding of two-dimensional electrophoresis and protein sequencing spark proteomics on: Let there be light.
Journal of Proteomics, 2014, 107: 5-12

Rabilloud T and Lescuyer P
The proteomic to biology inference, a frequently overlooked concern in the interpretation of proteomic data: A plea for functional validation.
Proteomics, 2014, 14(2-3): 157-161

Rat S, Ménage S, Thomas F and Nivière V
Non-heme iron hydroperoxo species in superoxide reductase as a catalyst for oxidation reactions.
Chemical Communications (Camb), 2014, 50(91): 14213-14216

Sapay N, Estrada-Mondragon A, Moreau C, Vivaudou M and Crouzy S
Rebuilding a macromolecular membrane complex at the atomic scale: Case of the Kir6.2 potassium channel coupled to the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2.
Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, 2014, 82(9): 1694-1707

Schild F, Kieffer-Jaquinod S, Palencia A, Cobessi D, Sarret G, Zubieta C, Jourdain A, Dumas R, Forge V, Testemale D, Bourguignon J and Hugouvieux V
Biochemical and biophysical characterization of the Selenium binding and reducing site in Arabidopsis thaliana homologue to mammals Selenium Binding Protein 1.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2014, 289(46): 31765-31776

Simmons TR, Berggren G, Bacchi M, Fontecave M and Artero V
Mimicking hydrogenases: From biomimetics to artificial enzymes
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2014, 270–271: 127–150

Smolentsev G, Guda AA, Janousch M, Frieh C, Jud G, Zamponi F, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Artero V, van Bokhoven JA and Nachtegaal M
X-ray absorption spectroscopy with time-tagged photon counting: Application to study the structure of a Co(i) intermediate of H
2 evolving photo-catalyst.
Faraday Discussions, 2014, 171: 259-273

Triboulet S, Aude-Garcia C, Armand L, Gerdil A, Diemer H, Proamer F, Collin-Faure V, Habert A, Strub JM, Hanau D, Herlin N, Carriere M, Van Dorsselaer A and Rabilloud T
Analysis of cellular responses of macrophages to zinc ions and zinc oxide nanoparticles: A combined targeted and proteomic approach.
Nanoscale, 2014, 6(11): 6102-6114

Ziani W, Maillard AP, Petit-Härtlein I, Garnier N, Crouzy S, Girard E and Covès J
The X-ray structure of NccX from Cupriavidus metallidurans 31A illustrates potential dangers of detergent solubilization when generating and interpreting crystal structures of membrane proteins.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2014, 289(45): 31160-31172