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Welcome to our Website

Published on 15 January 2019


Director: Stéphane Ménage

Secretary of the laboratory:
Nathalie Chaumery
Laboratoire Chimie et Biologie des Métaux
17 avenue des Martyrs
38 054 Grenoble Cedex 09
Phone: (33) 4 38 78 91 02
Fax: (33) 4 38 78 91 24


The LCBM is a federation of cell biologists, protein chemists, synthetic chemists and spectrocopists developing their research in order to provide new insights into the unique question of the physiological function, the structure, the chemical reactivity and the regulation of complex biological systems transporting and utilizing metal ions. This is investigated through a great variety of experimental approaches combining molecular and cellular biology of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, protein chemistry and enzymology, organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry and physico-chemical methods such as spectroscopy and theoretical chemistry. This research results in new concepts and applications in heavy metal toxicology and remediation, in bacterial pathogenicity and antibiotics, in neurodegenerative diseases, in catalysis and biocatalysis for selective transformations of organic compounds and for hydrogen production.
Currently the following topics are investigated in the LCBM:

• Biocatalysis
Structure and reactivity of metalloenzymes (iron-sulfur enzymes, monooxygenases, reductases, dioxygenases, …)

• Metal transport
Structure and mechanisms of biological systems involved in transport of metal ions (membrane proteins, ATPases,…)

• Oxidative stress and metals
Antioxidant (superoxide and peroxide) systems and regulation

• Metal homeostasis and stress
Regulation of metal ions fluxes in the cell (metalloregulators) and associated pathologies; heavy metal (Cd, Co, …) toxicity and cell response

• Metallosites biosynthesis
Mechanism of assembly of complex metal clusters

• Biomimetic chemistry
New bio-inspired catalysts for selective oxidation reactions and for hydrogen production and new ligands for metal complexation.

Research thema

Biology of metals
Physicochemistry of metals in biology
Bioinspired Redox Chemistry
Proteomics, Metals and Differentiation
Amyloid Fibres: From Foldopathies to NanoDesign
Modeling and Theoretical Chemistry


Université Grenoble Alpes submits its application to the IDEX Project

The ambition shared by the partners of the project – the universities Joseph Fourier, Pierre Mendès France and Stendhal; the grandes écoles Grenoble INP, Sciences Po Grenoble and ENSAG; the national research organisms CNRS, CEA, Inserm, Inria, Irstea; and the university hospital CHU Grenoble – is focused on creating a single world-class university: the future new University Grenoble Alpes. This new model of university will reinforce our capacity to attract leading scholars and students, develop ground-breaking research and competitive curricula. UGA will be a fully integrated institution. [more]

Université Grenoble Alpes : "1 out of 5" 

One person out of five living in Grenoble works in research, innovation or higher education…
The CBM laboratory supports the IDEX.

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