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Research topics of the team

Published on 17 May 2019

Our axes of research aim to understand:
• the mechanism of heavy metal transport (Cd2+, Co2+, Cu+) through P1-ATPases and other efflux pumps

• the Cu+ delivery to the secretory pathway and the elimination of the excesses of Cu+ with the help of specific intracellular chelators

• the intracellular trafficking of transmembrane carriers - addressing, localization changes, degradation (human genetic diseases : Wilson's disease and cystic fibrosis)

l• the mechanisms of cross-regulatory network of Fur and NikR proteins, bacterial transcriptional metalloregulators and their involvement in the virulence of pathogenic bacteria (search of anti-Fur inhibitors with antibacterial aim)

• the transmembrane transport and storage of zinc ions in neurons, especially the involvement of cation channels such as TRPC6 channels in the transport of zinc

• the disruption of iron homeostasis and metal homeostasis and consequences in eukaryotes

• the interferences between metallic nanoparticles and metal homeostasis (LCBM transversal project involving several groups).