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Wecome to the Metals & Organs Team (Met&Or)

Published on 27 January 2021

 Dr. Aurélien Deniaud
Associate Professor UGA
Tel: 04 38 78 96 51

Laboratoire of Chemistry and Biology of Metals
17 avenue des Martyrs
38 054 Grenoble cedex 09

Members of the team
Mireille Chevallet: CEA Researcher
Peggy Charbonnier: CEA Technician
Yousr Rekik: CEA PhD Student

Metal homeostasis, copper, silver nanoparticles, liver, elemental imaging, electron microscopy, 3D cell culture

Research topics
The Metals and Organs (Met&Or) team is interested in the study of metal homeostasis in mammals in both physiological and pathological contexts as well as in the case of environmental exposure to metals such as metal nanoparticles. These studies require the development of innovative methodologies, particularly in the field of imaging but also in terms of cell culture models.

1 - Fate of silver nanoparticles in the liver.
2 - Copper homeostasis in physiologic and pathologic conditions.
3 - Development of 3D hepatocyte culture models.
4 - Development in correlative elementary - ultrastructural imaging.