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Publications of the team (2001-2018)

Published on 29 July 2020

Cavazza C, Marchi-Delapierre C and Ménage S
Chapter 7 - Hybrid catalysts for oxidation reactions In Artificial metalloenzymes and metalloDNAzymes in catalysis: From design to applications, (Ed: Montserrat Diéguez, Jan-E. Bäckvall, Oscar Pàmies), 2018, pp 199-224

Esmieu C, Orio M, Mangue J, Pécaut J, Ménage S and Torelli S
Valence localization at a bio-inspired mixed-valent {Cu2S}2+ motif upon solvation in acetonitrile: Effect on nitrous oxide reductase (N2Or) activity.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018, 24(20): 5060-5063

Volbeda A, Saez Cabodevilla J, Darnault C, Gigarel O, Han TH, Renoux O, Hamelin O, Ollagnier-de-Choudens S, Amara P and Fontecilla-Camps JC
Crystallographic trapping of reaction intermediates in quinolinic acid synthesis by NadA.
ACS Chemical Biology, 2018, 13(5): 1209-1217


Harzallah B, Bousseboua H and Jouanneau Y
Diversity shift in bacterial phenol hydroxylases driven by alkyl-phenols in oil refinery wastewaters.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24(16): 14376-14386

Lopez S, Rondot L, Cavazza C, Iannello M, Boeri-Erba E, Burzlaff N, Strinitz F, Jorge-Robin A, Marchi-Delapierre C and Ménage S
Efficient conversion of alkenes to chlorohydrins by a Ru-based artificial enzyme.
Chemical Communications, 2017, 53(25): 3579-3582

Lopez S, Rondot L, Leprêtre C, Marchi-Delapierre C, Ménage S and Cavazza C
Cross-linked artificial enzyme crystals as heterogeneous catalysts for oxidation reactions.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017, 139(49): 17994-18002


Esmieu C, Orio M, Le Pape L, Lebrun C, Pécaut J, Ménage S and Torelli S
Redox-innocent metal-assisted cleavage of S-S bond in a disulfide-containing ligand.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 55(12): 6208-6217

Mangue J, Dubreucq Q, Pécaut J, Ménage S and Torelli S
Unexpected migration and O to S benzylic shift of thiocarbamate-containing salicylaldehyde derivatives.
ChemistrySelect, 2016, 1(20): 6345-6348

Rondot L, Girgenti E, Oddon F, Marchi-Delapierre C, Jorge-Robin A and Ménage S
Catalysis without a headache: Modification of ibuprofen for the design of artificial metalloenzyme for sulfide oxidation.
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 2016, 416: 20-28


Dufour F, Pigeot-Remy S, Durupthy O, Cassaignon S, Ruaux V, Torelli S, Mariey L, Mauge F and Chaneac C
Morphological control of TiO2 anatase nanoparticles: What is the good surface property to obtain efficient photocatalysts?
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 2015, 174: 350-360

Iali W, Lanoe PH, Torelli S, Jouvenot D, Loiseau F, Lebrun C, Hamelin O and Ménage S
A Ruthenium(II)-Copper(II) dyad for the photocatalytic oxygenation of organic substrates mediated by dioxygen activation.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 2015, 54(29): 8415-8419

Jouanneau Y, Meyer C and Duraffourg N
Dihydroxylation of four- and five-ring aromatic hydrocarbons by the naphthalene dioxygenase from Sphingomonas CHY-1.
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2016, 100(3): 1253-1263

Kerfah R, Plevin MJ, Pessey O, Hamelin O, Gans P and Boisbouvier J
Scrambling free combinatorial labeling of alanine-β, isoleucine-δ1, leucine-proS and valine-proS methyl groups for the detection of long range NOEs.
Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 2015, 61(1): 73-82

Marchi-Delapierre C, Rondot L, Cavazza C and Ménage S
Oxidation catalysis by rationally designed artificial metalloenzymes.
Israel Journal of Chemistry, 2015, 55(1): 61-75

Rull J, Nonglaton G, Costa G, Fontelaye C, Marchi-Delapierre C, Ménage S and Marchand G
Functionalization of silicon oxide using supercritical fluid deposition of 3,4-epoxybutyltrimethoxysilane for the immobilization of amino-modified oligonucleotide.
Applied Surface Science, 2015, 354: 285-297


Esmieu C, Orio M, Torelli S, Le Pape L, Pécaut J, Lebrun C and Ménage S
2O reduction at a dissymmetric {Cu2S}-containing mixed-valent center.
Chemical Science, 2014, 5: 4774-4784

Ménage S and Attree I
Metabolism: Pathogens love the poison.
Nature Chemical Biology, 2014, 10(5): 326-327

Rat S, Ménage S, Thomas F and Nivière V
Non-heme iron hydroperoxo species in superoxide reductase as a catalyst for oxidation reactions.
Chemical Communications (Camb), 2014, 50(91): 14213-14216


Esmieu C, Cherrier MV, Amara P, Girgenti E, Marchi-Delapierre C, Oddon F, Iannello M, Jorge-Robin A, Cavazza C and Ménage S
Oxygenase built from scratch: Substrate binding site identified using a docking approach.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2013, 52(14): 3922-3925

Guillo P, Hamelin O, Pécaut J and Ménage S
Complexation to [Ru(bpy)
2]2+: The trick to functionalize 3,3'-disubstituted-2,2'-bipyridine.
Tetrahedron Letters, 2013, 54(8): 840-842

Hajj Chehade M, Loiseau L, Lombard M, Pecqueur L, Ismail A, Smadja M, Golinelli-Pimpaneau B, Mellot-Draznieks C, Hamelin O, Aussel L, Kieffer-Jaquinod S, Labessan N, Barras F, Fontecave M and Pierrel F
ubiI, a new gene in Escherichia coli Coenzyme Q biosynthesis, is involved in aerobic C5-hydroxylation.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2013, 288(27): 20085-20092

Hall N, Orio M, Jorge-Robin A, Gennaro B, Marchi-Delapierre C and Duboc C
Vanadium thiolate complexes for efficient and selective sulfoxidation catalysis: A mechanistic investigation.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2013, 52(23): 13424-13431

Kom Regonne R, Martin F, Mbawala A, Ngassoum MB and Jouanneau Y
Identification of soil bacteria able to degrade phenanthrene bound to a hydrophobic sorbent in situ.
Environmental Pollution, 2013, 180: 145-151

Martin F, Malagnoux L, Violet F, Jakoncic J and Jouanneau Y
Diversity and catalytic potential of PAH-specific ring-hydroxylating dioxygenases from a hydrocarbon-contaminated soil.
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2013, 97(11): 5125-5135

Mas G, Crublet E, Hamelin O, Gans P and Boisbouvier J
Specific labeling and assignment strategies of valine methyl groups for NMR studies of high molecular weight proteins.
Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 2013, 57(3): 251-262


Ayala I, Hamelin O, Amero C, Pessey O, Plevin MJ, Gans P and Boisbouvier J
An optimized isotopic labelling strategy of isoleucine-γ
2 methyl groups for solution NMR studies of high molecular weight proteins.
Chemical Communications (Camb), 2012, 48(10): 1434-1436

Bonnot F, Molle T, Ménage S, Moreau Y, Duval S, Favaudon V, Houee-Levin C and Nivière V
Control of the evolution of iron peroxide intermediate in superoxide reductase from Desulfoarculus baarsii. Involvement of lysine 48 in protonation.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012, 134(11): 5120-5130

Chan A, Clémancey M, Mouesca JM, Amara P, Hamelin O, Latour JM and Ollagnier de Choudens S
Studies of inhibitor binding to the [4Fe-4S] cluster of quinolinate synthase.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2012, 51(31): 7711-7714

Cherrier MV, Girgenti E, Amara P, Iannello M, Marchi-Delapierre C, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Ménage S and Cavazza C
The structure of the periplasmic nickel-binding protein NikA provides insights for artificial metalloenzyme design.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 17(5): 817-829

Esbelin J, Jouanneau Y and Duport C
Bacillus cereus Fnr binds a 4Fe-4S cluster and forms a ternary complex with ResD and PlcR.
BMC Microbiology, 2012, 12: art.125

Guillo P, Hamelin O, Batat P, Jonusauskas G, McClenaghan ND and Ménage S
Photocatalyzed sulfide oxygenation with water as the unique oxygen atom source.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 51(4): 2222-2230

Martin F, Torelli S, Le Paslier D, Barbance A, Martin-Laurent F, Bru D, Geremia R, Blake G and Jouanneau Y
Betaproteobacteria dominance and diversity shifts in the bacterial community of a PAH-contaminated soil exposed to phenanthrene.
Environmental Pollution, 2012, 162: 345-353

Melkior T, Jacob S, Gerbaud G, Hediger S, Le Pape L, Bonnefois L and Bardet M
NMR analysis of the transformation of wood constituents by torrefaction.
Fuel, 2012, 92(1): 271-280

Oddon F, Girgenti E, Lebrun C, Marchi-Delapierre C, Pécaut J and Ménage S
Iron coordination chemistry of N
2Py2 ligands substituted by carboxylic moieties and their impact on alkene oxidation catalysis.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 2012(1): 85–96


Hamelin O, Guillo P, Loiseau F, Boissonnet MF and Ménage S
A dyad as photocatalyst for light-driven sulfide oxygenation with water as the unique oxygen atom source.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 50(17): 7952-7954

Jouanneau Y, Martin F, Krivobok S and Willison J
Ring-hydroxylating dioxygenases involved in PAH biodegradation: Structure, function and biodiversity.
In A-I Koukkou ed., Microbial bioremediation of non-metals: Current research, 2011, pp. 149-175, Caister Academic Press, Norfolk, UK

Plevin MJ, Hamelin O, Boisbouvier J and Gans P
A simple biosynthetic method for stereospecific resonance assignment of prochiral methyl groups in proteins.
Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 2011, 49 (2): 61-67


Cavazza C, Bochot C, Rousselot-Pailley P, Carpentier P, Cherrier MV, Martin L, Marchi-Delapierre C, Fontecilla-Camps JC and Ménage S
Crystallographic snapshots of the reaction of aromatic C-H with O2 catalysed by a protein-bound iron complex.
Nature Chemistry, 2010, 2(12): 1069-1076

Gans P, Hamelin O, Sounier R, Ayala I, Durá MA, Amero CD, Noirclerc-Savoye M, Franzetti B, Plevin MJ and Boisbouvier J
Stereospecific isotopic labeling of methyl groups for NMR spectroscopic studies of high-molecular-weight proteins.
Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English), 2010, 49(11): 1958-1962

Guillo P, Hamelin O, Loiseau F, Pecaut J and Ménage S
Synthesis, electrochemical and photophysical properties of heterodinuclear Ru-Mn and Ru-Zn complexes bearing ambident Schiff base ligand.
Dalton Transactions, 2010, 39(24): 5650-5657

Torelli S, Orio M, Pecaut J, Jamet H, Le Pape L and Ménage S
A {Cu2S}2+ mixed-valent core featuring a Cu--Cu bond.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2010, 49(44): 8249-8252


Hazimeh H, Mattalia JM, Marchi-Delapierre C, Kanoufi F, Combellas C and Chanon M
Structural effects in radical clocks and mechanisms of grignard reagent formation: Special effect of a phenyl substituent in a radical clock when the crossroads of selectivity is at a metal/solution interface.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2009, 2009(17): 2775-2787

Rousselot-Pailley P, Bochot C, Marchi-Delapierre C, Jorge-Robin A, Martin L, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Cavazza C and Ménage S
The protein environment drives selectivity for sulfide oxidation by an artificial metalloenzyme.
Chembiochem, 2009, 10(3): 545-552


Calmettes S, Albela B, Hamelin O, Ménage S, Miomandre F and Bonneviot L
Multistep anchoring of a catalytically active rutherium complex in porous mesostructured silica.
New Journal of Chemistry, 2008, 32: 727-737

Hamelin O, Ménage S, Charnay F, Chavarot M, Pierre JL, Pecaut J and Fontecave M
New polydentate ligand and catalytic properties of the corresponding ruthenium complex during sulfoxidation and alkene epoxidation.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2008, 47(14): 6413-6420

Izzet G, Zeitouny J, Akdas-Killig H, Frapart Y, Ménage S, Douziech B, Jabin I, Le Mest Y and Reinaud O
Dioxygen activation at a mononuclear Cu(I) center embedded in the calix[6]arene-tren core.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2008, 130(29): 9514-952


Hamelin O, Rimboud M, Pécaut J and Fontecave M
Chiral-at-metal ruthenium complex as a metalloligand for asymmetric catalysis.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2007, 46: 5354-5360

Marchi-Delapierre C, Jorge-Robin A, Thibon A and Ménage S
A new chiral diiron catalyst for enantioselective epoxidation.
Chemical Communications, 2007, 11: 1166-1168

Mathevon C, Pierrel F, Oddou JL, Garcia-Serres R, Blondin G, Latour JM, Ménage S, Gambarelli S, Fontecave M and Atta M
tRNA-modifying MiaE protein from Salmonella typhimurium is a nonheme diiron monooxygenase.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 2007, 104(33): 13295-13300

Soudiresane T, Selvakumar S, Ménage S, Hamelin O, Fontecave M and Singh AP
Ru- and Fe- based N,N'-bis(2-pyridylmethyl)-N-methyl-(1S,2S)-1,2-cyclohexanediamine complexes immobilised on mesoporous MCM-41: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications.
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A - Chemical, 2007, 270: 132-143

2001 - 2006 

Mattalia JM, Marchi-Delapierre C, Hazimeh H and Chanon M
The reductive decyanation reaction: Chemical methods and synthetic applications.
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Chiral-at-metal complexes as asymmetric catalysts.
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European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2004, 15: 3163-3171

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