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Publications of the Physicochemistry of Metals in Biology team from 2002 to 2018

Published on 7 October 2020
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Chabert V, Hologne M, Sénèque O, Walker O and Fromm KM
Alpha-helical folding of SilE models upon Ag(His)(Met) motif formation.
Chemical Communications, 2018, 54(74): 10419-10422

Ferreira RB, Cook BJ, Knight BJ, Catalano VJ, Garcia-Serres R and Murray LJ
Catalytic silylation of dinitrogen by a family of triiron complexes.
ACS Catalysis, 2018, 8(8): 7208-12

Garcia-Serres R, Clémancey M, Latour JM and Blondin G
Correction to: Contribution of Mössbauer spectroscopy to the investigation of Fe/S biogenesis.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 1

Isaac M, Pallier A, Szeremeta F, Bayle PA, Barantin L, Bonnet CS and Sénèque O
MRI and luminescence detection of Zn2+ with a lanthanide complex-zinc finger peptide conjugate.
Chemical Communications (Camb), 2018, 54(53): 7350-7353

Kyne SH, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Derat E, Fensterbank L, Jutand A, Lefevre G and Ollivier C
Elucidating dramatic ligand effects on SET processes: Iron hydride versus iron borohydride catalyzed reductive radical cyclization of unsaturated organic halides.
Organometallics, 2018, 37(5): 761-771

Rana S, Biswas JP, Sen A, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Latour JM, Rajaraman G and Maiti D
Selective C-H halogenation over hydroxylation by non-heme iron(IV)-oxo.
Chemical Science, 2018, 9(40): 7843-58

Roux A, Isaac M, Chabert V, Denisov SA, McClenaghan ND and Seneque O
Influence of amino acid sequence in a peptidic Cu(+)-responsive luminescent probe inspired by the copper chaperone CusF.
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018, 16(31): 5626-5634

Salvadeo E, Dubois L and Latour JM
Trinuclear copper complexes as biological mimics: Ligand designs and reactivities.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2018, 374: 345-75

Sénèque O, Rousselot-Pailley P, Pujol A, Boturyn D, Crouzy S, Proux O, Manceau A, Lebrun C and Delangle P
Mercury trithiolate binding (HgS3) to a de novo designed cyclic decapeptide with three preoriented cysteine side chains.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 57(5): 2705-2713

Tebo AG, Pinter TBJ, Garcia-Serres R, Speelman AL, Tard C, Sénèque O, Blondin G, Latour JM, Penner-Hahn J, Lehnert N and Pecoraro VL
Development of a rubredoxin-type center embedded in a de dovo-designed three-helix bundle.
Biochemistry, 2018, 57(16): 2308-2316


Anderton KJ, Knight BJ, Rheingold AL, Abboud KA, Garcia-Serres R and Murray LJ
Reactivity of hydride bridges in a high-spin [Fe3(µ-H)3]3+ cluster: Reversible H2/CO exchange and Fe-H/B-F bond metathesis.
Chemical Science, 2017, 8(5): 4123-4129

Beilschmidt LK, Ollagnier de Choudens S, Fournier M, Sanakis I, Hograindleur MA, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Schmucker S, Eisenmann A, Weiss A, Koebel P, Messaddeq N, Puccio H and Martelli A
ISCA1 is essential for mitochondrial Fe4S4 biogenesis in vivo.
Nature Communications, 2017, 8: Article number 15124

Chabert V, Hologne M, Sénèque O, Crochet A, Walker O and Fromm KM
Model peptide studies of Ag+ binding sites from the silver resistance protein SilE.
Chemical Communications, 2017, 53(45): 6105-6108

Clémancey M, Cantat T, Blondin G, Latour JM, Dorlet P and Lefevre G
Structural insights into the nature of Fe0 and feI low-valent species obtained upon the reduction of iron salts by aryl grignard reagents.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2017, 56(7): 3834-3848

Danopoulos AA, Braunstein P, Monakhov KY, van Leusen J, Kogerler P, Clemancey M, Latour JM, Benayad A, Tromp M, Rezabal E and Frison G
Heteroleptic, two-coordinate [M(NHC){N(SiMe3)2}] (M = Co, Fe) complexes: Synthesis, reactivity and magnetism rationalized by an unexpected metal oxidation state.
Dalton Transactions, 2017, 46(4): 1163-1171

Gouré E, Senthilnathan D, Coin G, Albrieux F, Avenier F, Dubourdeaux P, Lebrun C, Maldivi P and Latour JM
Redox self-adaptation of a nitrene transfer catalyst to the substrate needs.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2017, 56(15): 4305-4309

Hong S, Lu X, Lee YM, Seo MS, Ohta T, Ogura T, Clémancey M, Maldivi P, Latour JM, Sarangi R and Nam W
Achieving one-electron oxidation of a mononuclear nonheme iron(V)-imido complex.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017, 139(41): 14372-14375

Isaac M, Raibaut L, Cepeda C, Roux A, Boturyn D, Eliseeva SV, Petoud S and Sénèque O
Luminescent zinc fingers: Zn-responsive neodymium near-infrared emission in water.
Chemistry-a European Journal, 2017, 23(46): 10992-10996

Kathirvelu V, Perche-Letuvee P, Latour JM, Atta M, Forouhar F, Gambarelli S and Garcia-Serres R
Spectroscopic evidence for cofactor-substrate interaction in the radical-SAM enzyme TYW1.
Dalton Transactions, 2017, 46(39): 13211-13219

Raibaut L, Vasseur W, Shimberg GD, Saint-Pierre C, Ravanat JL, Michel SLJ and Sénèque O
Design of a synthetic luminescent probe from a biomolecule binding domain: Selective detection of AU-rich mRNA sequences.
Chemical Science, 2017, 8(2): 1658-1664


Golinelli-Cohen MP, Lescop E, Mons C, Goncalves S, Clémancey M, Santolini J, Guittet E, Blondin G, Latour JM and Bouton C
Redox control of the human iron-sulfur repair protein MitoNEET activity via its iron-sulfur cluster.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2016, 291(14): 7583-7593

Goure E, Gerey B, Clémancey M, Pecaut J, Molton F, Latour JM, Blondin G and Collomb MN
Intramolecular electron transfers thwart bistability in a pentanuclear iron complex.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 55(18): 9178-9186

Lebrun V, Ravanat JL, Latour JM and Sénèque O
Near diffusion-controlled reaction of a Zn(Cys)4 zinc finger with hypochlorous acid.
Chemical Science, 2016, 7(8): 5508-5516

Lee Y, Abboud KA, Garcia-Serres R and Murray LJ
A three-coordinate Fe(II) center within a [3Fe-(µ3-S] cluster that provides an accessible coordination site.
Chemical Communications, 2016, 52(59): 9295-9298

Lee Y, Jeon IeR, Abboud KA, García-Serres R, Shearer J and Murray LJ
A [3Fe-3S](3+) cluster with exclusively μ-sulfide donors.
Chemical Communications, 2016, 52(6): 1174-1177

Molle T, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Kathirvelu V, Sicoli G, Forouhar F, Mulliez E, Gambarelli S and Atta M
Unanticipated coordination of tris buffer to the Radical SAM cluster of the RimO methylthiotransferase.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 21(4): 549-557

Molle T, Moreau Y, Clémancey M, Forouhar F, Ravanat JL, Duraffourg N, Fourmond V, Latour JM, Gambarelli S, Mulliez E and Atta M
Redox behavior of the S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM)-binding Fe-S Cluster in methylthiotransferase RimO, toward understanding dual SAM activity.
Biochemistry, 2016, 55(41): 5798-5808

Patra R and Maldivi P
DFT analysis of the electronic structure of Fe(IV) species active in nitrene transfer catalysis: influence of the coordination sphere.
Journal of Molecular Modeling, 2016, 22(11): 278

Sethu R, Gouré E, Signor L, Caux-Thang C, Clémancey M, Duarte V and Latour JM
Reaction of PerR with molecular oxygen may assist HO sensing in anaerobes.
ACS Chemical Biology, 2016, 11(5): 1438-1444

Wang B, Lee YM, Clémancey M, Seo MS, Sarangi R, Latour JM and Nam W
Mononuclear nonheme high-spin iron(III)-acylperoxo complexes in olefin epoxidation and alkane hydroxylation reactions.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016, 138(7): 2426-2436


Caux-Thang C, Parent A, Sethu R, Maïga A, Blondin G, Latour JM and Duarte V
Single Asparagine to Arginine mutation allows PerR to switch from PerR box to Fur box.
ACS Chemical Biology, 2015, 10(3): 682-686

Dufour F, Pigeot-Remy S, Durupthy O, Cassaignon S, Ruaux V, Torelli S, Mariey L, Mauge F and Chaneac C
Morphological control of TiO2 anatase nanoparticles: What is the good surface property to obtain efficient photocatalysts?
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 2015, 174: 350-360

Goure E, Carboni M, Troussier A, Dubourdeaux P, Clémancey M, Gon N, Balasubramanian R, Lebrun C, Pecaut J, Blondin G and Latour JM
Deprotonation in mixed-valent diiron(II,III) complexes with aniline or benzimidazole ligands.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54(13): 6257-6266

Goure E, Carboni M, Troussier A, Lebrun C, Pecaut J, Jacquot JF, Dubourdeaux P, Clémancey M, Blondin G and Latour JM
Phosphoester hydrolysis: The incoming substrate turns the bridging hydroxido nucleophile into a terminal one.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015, 21(22): 8064-8068

Guillet GL, Gordon JB, Di Francesco GN, Calkins MW, Cižmár E, Abboud KA, Meisel MW, García-Serres R and Murray LJ
A family of tri- and dimetallic pyridine dicarboxamide cryptates: Unusual O,N,O-coordination and facile access to secondary coordination sphere hydrogen bonding interactions.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54(6): 2691-2704

Iali W, Lanoe PH, Torelli S, Jouvenot D, Loiseau F, Lebrun C, Hamelin O and Ménage S
A Ruthenium(II)-Copper(II) dyad for the photocatalytic oxygenation of organic substrates mediated by Dioxygen activation.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 2015, 54(29): 8415-8419

Isaac M, Denisov SA, Roux A, Imbert D, Jonusauskas G, McClenaghan ND and Sénèque O
Lanthanide luminescence modulation by cation-
π interaction in a bioinspired scaffold: Selective detection of copper(I).
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 2015, 54(39): 11453-11456

Jacques A, Lebrun C, Casini A, Kieffer I, Proux O, Latour JM and Sénèque O
Reactivity of Cys4 Zinc finger domains with Gold(III) complexes: Insights into the formation of "gold fingers".
Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54(8): 4104-4113

Latour JM
Manganese, the stress reliever.
Metallomics, 2015, 7(1): 25-28

Lebrun V, Tron A, Lebrun C, Latour JM, McClenaghan ND and Sénèque O
Reactivity of a Zn(Cys)2 (His)2 zinc finger with singlet oxygen: Oxidation directed toward cysteines but not histidines.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015, 21(40): 14002-14010

Lee Y, Anderton KJ, Sloane FT, Ermert DM, Abboud KA, García-Serres R and Murray LJ
Reactivity of hydride bridges in high-spin [3M-3(µ-H)] clusters (M = FeII, CoII).
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015, 137(33): 10610-10617

Lee Y, Sloane FT, Blondin G, Abboud KA, García-Serres R and Murray LJ
Dinitrogen activation upon reduction of a triiron(II) complex.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015, 54(5): 1499-1503


Beaume L, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Greco C, Petillon FY, Schollhammer P and Talarmin J
New systematic route to mixed-valence triiron clusters derived from dinuclear models of the active site of Fe-Fe -hydrogenases.
Organometallics, 2014, 33(22): 6290-6293

Berggren G, Garcia-Serres R, Brazzolotto X, Clémancey M, Gambarelli S, Atta M, Latour JM, Hernandez HL, Subramanian S, Johnson MK and Fontecave M
An EPR/HYSCORE, Mossbauer, and resonance Raman study of the hydrogenase maturation enzyme HydF: A model for N-coordination to [4Fe-4S] clusters.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 19(1): 75-84

Blanc B, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Fontecave M and Ollagnier de Choudens S
Molecular investigation of Iron-Sulfur cluster assembly scaffolds under stress.
Biochemistry, 2014, 53(50): 7867-77869

Bonnot F, Tremey E, von Stetten D, Rat S, Duval S, Carpentier P, Clémancey M, Desbois A and Nivière V
Formation of high-valent iron-oxo species in superoxide reductase: Characterization by resonance Raman spectroscopy.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014, 53(23): 5926-5930

Bouchard S, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Bruschi M, Charreteur K, De Gioia L, Le Roy C, Petillon FY, Schollhammer P and Talarmin J
A new FeMo complex as a model of heterobimetallic assemblies in natural systems: Mossbauer and density functional theory investigations.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53(21): 11345-11347

Bouvier D, Labessan N, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Ravanat JL, Fontecave M and Atta M
TtcA a new tRNA-thioltransferase with an Fe-S cluster.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2014, 42(12): 7960-7970

Caux-Thang C, Parent A, Sethu R, Maïga A, Blondin G, Latour JM and Duarte V
Single asparagine to arginine mutation allows PerR to switch from PerR Box to Fur Box.
ACS Chemical Biology, 2014

Clémancey M, Blondin G, Latour JM and Garcia-Serres R
Mössbauer spectroscopy.
Methods in Molecular Biology, 2014, 1122: 153-170

Company A, Sabenya G, Gonzalez-Bejar M, Gomez L, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Jasniewski AJ, Puri M, Browne WR, Latour JM, Que L, Jr., Costas M, Perez-Prieto J and Lloret-Fillol J
Triggering the generation of an iron
IV-Oxo compound and its reactivity toward sulfides by RuII photocatalysis.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136(12): 4624-4633

Ferecatu I, Goncalves S, Golinelli-Cohen MP, Clémancey M, Martelli A, Riquier S, Guittet E, Latour JM, Puccio H, Drapier JC, Lescop E and Bouton C
The diabetes drug target MitoNEET governs a novel trafficking pathway to rebuild an Fe-S cluster into cytosolic aconitase/iron regulatory protein 1.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2014, 289(41): 28070-28086

Goure E, Avenier F, Dubourdeaux P, Sénèque O, Albrieux F, Lebrun C, Clémancey M, Maldivi P and Latour JM
A diiron(III,IV) imido species very active in nitrene-transfer reactions.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014, 53(6): 1580-1584

Goure E, Carboni M, Dubourdeaux P, Clémancey M, Balasubramanian R, Lebrun C, Bayle PA, Maldivi P, Blondin G and Latour JM
Cis/Trans isomerizations in Diiron complexes involving aniline or anilide ligands.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53(19): 10060-10069

Hong S, Lee YM, Cho KB, Seo MS, Song D, Yoon J, Garcia-Serres R, Clémancey M, Ogura T, Shin W, Latour JM and Nam W
Conversion of high-spin iron
III-alkylperoxo to ironIV-oxo species via O-O bond homolysis in nonheme iron models.
Chemical Science, 2014, 5(1): 156-162

Hong S, Wang B, Seo MS, Lee YM, Kim MJ, Kim HR, Ogura T, Garcia-Serres R, Clémancey M, Latour JM and Nam W
Highly reactive nonheme iron(III) iodosylarene complexes in alkane hydroxylation and sulfoxidation reactions.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2014, 53(25): 6388-6392

Jacques A, Latour JM and Sénèque O
Peptide-based FeS
4 complexes: The zinc ribbon fold is unsurpassed to stabilize both the FeII and FeIII states.
Dalton Transactions, 2014, 43(10): 3922-3930

Lebrun V, Tron A, Scarpantonio L, Lebrun C, Ravanat JL, Latour JM, McClenaghan ND and Sénèque O
Efficient oxidation and destabilization of Zn(Cys)4 zinc fingers by singlet oxygen.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2014, 53(35): 9365-9368

Nobre LS, Garcia-Serres R, Todorovic S, Hildebrandt P, Teixeira M, Latour JM and Saraiva LM
Escherichia coli ric is able to donate iron to iron-sulfur clusters.
PLoS One, 2014, 9(4): e95222

Planas O, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Company A and Costas M
Structural modeling of iron halogenases: Synthesis and reactivity of halide-iron(IV)-oxo compounds.
Chemical Communications (Camb), 2014, 50(74): 10887-10890


Colin F, Martelli A, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Gambarelli S, Zeppieri L, Birck C, Page A, Puccio H and Ollagnier de Choudens S
Mammalian frataxin controls sulfur production and iron entry during de novo Fe
4S4 cluster assembly.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013, 135(2): 733-740

Duarte V and Latour JM
PerR: A bacterial resistance regulator and can we target it?
Future Medicinal Chemistry, 2013, 5(11): 1177-1179

Jacques A, Clémancey M, Blondin G, Fourmond V, Latour JM and Sénèque O
A cyclic peptide-based redox-active model of rubredoxin.
Chemical Communications (Camb), 2013, 49(28): 2915-2917

Jacques A, Mettra B, Lebrun V, Latour JM and Sénèque O
On the design of zinc-finger models with cyclic peptides bearing a linear tail.
Chemistry–A European Journal, 2013, 19(12): 3921-3931

Parent A, Caux-Thang C, Signor L, Clémancey M, Sethu R, Blondin G, Maldivi P, Duarte V and Latour JM
Single glutamate to aspartate mutation makes Ferric Uptake Regulator (Fur) as sensitive to H
2O2 as Peroxide Resistance Regulator (PerR).
Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English, 2013, 52(39): 10339-10343

Thiabaud G, Pizzocaro S, Garcia-Serres R, Latour JM, Monzani E and Casella L
Heme binding induces dimerization and nitration of truncated ß-amyloid peptide Aß16 under oxidative stress.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English, 2013, 52(31): 8041-8044

Tremey E, Bonnot F, Moreau Y, Berthomieu C, Desbois A, Favaudon V, Blondin G, Houee-Levin C and Nivière V
Hydrogen bonding to the cysteine ligand of superoxide reductase: Acid-base control of the reaction intermediates.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 2013, 18(7): 815-830


Balasubramanian R, Blondin G, Canales JC, Costentin C, Latour JM, Robert M and Saveant JM
Proton-coupled intervalence charge transfer: Concerted processes.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012, 134(4): 1906-1909

Carboni M, Clémancey M, Molton F, Pecaut J, Lebrun C, Dubois L, Blondin G and Latour JM
Biologically relevant heterodinuclear iron-manganese complexes.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 51(19): 10447-10460
Inorganic Chemistry, 2012, 51(21): 12053 [Correction]

Chan A, Clémancey M, Mouesca JM, Amara P, Hamelin O, Latour JM and Ollagnier de Choudens S
Studies of inhibitor binding to the [4Fe-4S] cluster of quinolinate synthase.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2012, 51(31): 7711-7714

Isaac M, Latour JM and Sénèque O
Nucleophilic reactivity of Zinc-bound thiolates: Subtle interplay between coordination set and conformational flexibility.
Chemical Science, 2012, 3: 3409-3420

Kudrik EV, Afanasiev P, Alvarez LX, Dubourdeaux P, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Blondin G, Bouchu D, Albrieux F, Nefedov SE and Sorokin AB
An N-bridged high-valent diiron-oxo species on a porphyrin platform that can oxidize methane.
Nature Chemistry, 2012, 4(12): 1024-1029

Perche-Letuvée P, Kathirvelu V, Berggren G, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Maurel V, Douki T, Armengaud J, Mulliez E, Fontecave M, Garcia-Serres R, Gambarelli S and Atta M
4-demethylwyosine synthase from Pyrococcus abyssi is a radical-S-adenosyl-L-methionine enzyme with an additional [4Fe-4S]
+2 cluster that interacts with the pyruvate co-substrate.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012, 287(49): 41174-41185

Py B, Gerez C, Angelini S, Planel R, Vinella D, Loiseau L, Talla E, Brochier-Armanet C, Garcia Serres R, Latour JM, Ollagnier-de Choudens S, Fontecave M and Barras F
Molecular organization, biochemical function, cellular role and evolution of NfuA, an atypical Fe-S carrier.
Molecular Microbiology, 2012, 86(1): 155-171

Sutak R, Seguin A, Garcia-Serres R, Oddou JL, Dancis A, Tachezy J, Latour JM, Camadro JM and Lesuisse E
Human mitochondrial ferritin improves respiratory function in yeast mutants deficient in iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis, but is not a functional homologue of yeast frataxin.
MicrobiologyOpen, 2012, 1(2):95-104

Wilson SA, Chen J, Hong S, Lee YM, Clémancey M, Garcia-Serres R, Nomura T, Ogura T, Latour JM, Hedman B, Hodgson KO, Nam W and Solomon EI
FeIV=O(TBC)(CH3CN)]2+: Comparative reactivity of iron(IV)-oxo species with constrained equatorial cyclam ligation.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012, 134(28): 11791-11806


Bourles E, Isaac M, Lebrun C, Latour JM and Sénèque O
Oxidation of Zn(Cys)
4 zinc finger peptides by O2 and H2O2: Products, mechanism and kinetics.
Chemistry–A European Journal, 2011, 17(49): 13762-13772

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Reversible (De)protonation-induced valence inversion in mixed-valent diiron(II,III) complexes.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 50(14): 6408-6410

Iannuzzi C, Adinolfi S, Howes BD, Garcia-Serres R, Clémancey M, Latour JM, Smulevich G and Pastore A
The role of CyaY in iron sulfur cluster assembly on the E. coli IscU scaffold protein.
PLoS One, 2011, 6(7): e21992

Seo MS, Kim NH, Cho KB, So JE, Park SK, Clémancey M, Garcia-Serres R, Latour JM, Shaik S and Nam W
A mononuclear nonheme iron(IV)-oxo complex which is more reactive than cytochrome P450 model compound I.
Chemical Science, 2011, 2(6): 1039-1045


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PerR vs OhrR: Selective peroxide sensing in Bacillus subtilis.
Molecular BioSystems, 2010, 6(2): 316-323

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Discrete tetrairon(III) cluster exhibiting a square-planar Fe
44-O) core: Structural and magnetic properties.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2010, 49(5): 2427-2434

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Evidence that yeast frataxin is not an iron storage protein in vivo.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease, 2010, 1802(6): 531-538

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Coordination properties of zinc finger peptides revisited: ligand competition studies reveal higher affinities for zinc and cobalt.
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Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2010, 285(30): 23331-23341


Baffert C, Orio M, Pantazis DA, Duboc C, Blackman AG, Blondin G, Neese F, Deronzier A and Collomb MN
Trinuclear terpyridine frustrated spin system with a Mn(IV)
3O4 core: Synthesis, physical characterization, and quantum chemical modeling of its magnetic properties.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2009, 48(21): 10281-10288

Bonnet CS, Fries PH, Crouzy S, Sénèque O, Cisnetti F, Boturyn D, Dumy P and Delangle P
A gadolinium-binding cyclodecapeptide with a large high-field relaxivity involving second-sphere water.
Chemistry–A European Journal, 2009, 15(29): 7083-7093

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Biomimetic and self-assembled calix[6]arene-based receptors for neutral molecules.
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2009, 7(12): 2485-500

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Molecular Microbiology, 2009, 73(1): 20-31

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Cooperative metal binding and helical folding in model peptides of treble-clef zinc fingers.
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Structural and functional characterization of 2-oxo-histidine in oxidized PerR protein.
Nature Chemical Biology, 2009, 5: 53-59


Avenier F, Goure E, Dubourdeaux P, Sénèque O, Oddou JL, Pecaut J, Chardon-Noblat S, Deronzier A and Latour JM
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Carboxylate ligands drastically enhance the rates of oxo exchange and hydrogen peroxide disproportionation by oxo manganese compounds of potential biological significance.
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