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Scientific activity

Published on 6 January 2021

Modeling, structure prediction and molecular dynamics of metalloproteins
Metallo-chaprones / ATPases interactions and metal transfer
Design and functionalization of metalloproteins
Modelling the inhibition of the regulator FUR by small peptides

Reactivity of metalloproteins
Reactivity of « spore Photoproduct Lyase »
Study of Superoxide Reductase
Modeling of the reactivity of an artificial metallo-enzyme: NikA-Ox

Large molecular assemblies - Membrane protein simulations - Coarse graining
Coarse graining Signal transduction mechanism leading to the opening of an ionic channel
Interactions of Arabidopsis thalliana HMA6 and HMA8 copper ATPases with plastocyanin

Interaction between metallic nanoparticles and biological systems