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A bio-inspired approach to the site of the N2Or

Researchers at our laboratory undertook a study of the active site and of the reactivity of the nitrous oxide reductase by means of a bio-inspired approach. They have been able to synthesize an artificial site of this enzyme, which proved to reactive toward​s N2O, as reflected in the production of N2. This is the first compound of this type with such activity. Change the structure of that bio-inspired complex in order to increase its catalytic activity would be an asset in the cleanup of N2O, a major greenhouse pollutant and destructive of the ozone layer.

Published on 17 November 2014

Highlight available in French.

A - The originality of the active site of the N2Or, noted CuZ, is the presence of a tetranuclear center of Cu
B - Functional bio-inspired complex synthesized in our laboratory.

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