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« Make our planet great again » at the Élysée

The President of the Republic received at the Elysée some of the international researchers and students participating in the "Make our planet great again" (MOPGA) program. There were about sixty of them in June 2017, when the operation was launched, there are just over 200 of them today. Emmanuel Macron would like to make them ambassadors for a new globalization of "knowledge and goodwill".

Published on 16 December 2019
Among them, Cristina Tapia defended her thesis at the Autonomous University of Madrid where she has already worked on the integration of hydrogenase enzymes into various semiconductor electrode materials. She joined the SolHyCat group led by Vincent Artero at LCBM. For more than 15 years, this team has been developing bio-inspired catalysis approaches to develop catalysts for hydrogen production and their integration into molecular systems of artificial photosynthesis.

Its theme "Hydrogen production photocathode design by combining bioinspired catalysts with Earth-abundant semiconducting materials (Solar-Hybrid)" is part of an artificial photosynthesis approach, which consists in capturing solar energy and storing it directly as hydrogen.
The selection of her post-doctoral subject from among the 15 winners of the "Make Our Planet Great Again" program attests to the excellence of the scientific and technological research she conducts.

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